I love the affordable quality, rich storytelling and mass impact of videos distributed via a well-run YouTube channel.

I’m a fan of Google’s ‘hero, hub and hygiene’ strategy (Brendan Gahan explains it beautifully here) – despite the riot of competitive content uploaded to YouTube every minute, it is still a powerful converter of visitors to customers… and don’t get me started on the wonders of Wistia! (If you’ve never compared these two video services, this is a useful overview).

I’m always interested in opportunities to collaborate on smart, sticky branded videos – you can reach me via donyale@donyale.com. Here’s some of my work:

Between 2009 – 2012, I produced branded content for broadcast on Africa’s largest free-to-air broadcaster, ETV, and worked as a creative producer conceptualising original TV shows, which were pitched to a range of international broadcasters.

In 2013, I started producing content exclusively for an exceptional brand called Go2Africa. The brand invested in quality branded video content for online distribution, and I added scriptwriting and directing to my skillset. In addition to a plethora of destination and product videos, I wrote, directed and produced three branded video series for them:

8-episode series Congo safari featuring the extremely follow-able Terence Lortan on an epic expedition to find western lowland gorillas in the magnificent Congo rainforest.

Congo Background Evening

6-episode series called #adventureafrica following Terence  having a blast jumping off mountains, diving with seals and catching the wind, in and around Cape Town.

Paragliding 16

9-episode series called ‘Dave&David‘, which was a tongue-in-cheek mix of entertainment and information shot in the tight confines of Go2Africa’s boardroom! It’s sweet, it’s cheesy, it’s hard working value for money.


Daved and Dave cover image



In 2010 and 2011, I produced two seasons of a branded cooking show called Noma Nini for Tiger Brands, which flighted during primetime on national broadcaster, ETV: