I am an award-winning writer, creative director and senior digital content producer.

My moment of truth is that 3-second window when great content delivers a solution directly to the person who needs it. I am passionate about infusing that moment with action to deliver a click or like or follow – a handshake between customer and brand.

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I love what I do.

My job satisfaction lies in having a clearly articulated challenge, the brand’s trust in my experience, and the skilled hands needed to implement the kind of solution that will keep on rewarding the brand’s investment.

I like working with people who share my enthusiasm for creative solutions that spring from thoughtful engagement with statistics, efficient A/B testing, and transparent metrics of success.

What I know for sure is that the future belongs to living, breathing brands. Those able to infuse enough humanity into their content to delight their customers in each moment of truth, throughout the sales cycle.

For 20 years, I have had a love affair with tailor-made, luxury travel to Africa, which means:

• Online travel is my natural niche;
• I have solid experience with key English-speaking markets (US, UK, Australia and Canada);
• I have first-hand knowledge of all Africa’s best safari destinations.

I am the published author of numerous non-fiction travel articles and the writer/ producer/ director of several YouTube travel series.

I spent most of 2017  on sabbatical (Jan – Aug), writing my first book, which is now going through the motions of editing and refining with a British literary agent and editor. I spent the last quarter of the year consulting to Wetu Travel Technology, which involves ongoing strategic development for their brand as it expands the Oceania region.

As of March 2018, I’m expanding Wetu’s footprint in Oceania from my base in Western Australia.

Thanks for stopping by – if you want to reach me, please email donyale@donyale.com