Last week, I spent 20-odd hours catching planes, planes and automobiles to attend the Festival of Writing 2015 at University of York. I entered four writing competitions and had the unexpected thrill of winning two.

vintage-coupesWin #1 Friday Night Live

I submitted 500 words from my manuscript, made the short list of seven writers, and read my words out to an audience of around 450 writers, agents and editors… and I was declared the winner, much to my exhausted brain’s utter shock.



Win #2 Perfect Pitch

Super agents Jo Unwin and Sam Copeland were looking for the best elevator pitch of 2015. “If a book doesn’t have a strong, convincing and intriguing concept, your book will not be taken on by an agent.” Jo and Sam judged my one paragraph pitch the winner.

Lucky, lucky, lucky me!


After an whirly gig weekend of life-changing moments, powerful affirmation of my creative voice and generous insights shared by agents, editors and writers, I found myself back on trains, planes and automobiles for 20 hours. Sitting in traffic on my way to the office this morning, York seemed like a wonderful dream… Fortunately, I have emails from the lovely writers I befriended and a handful of agents to prove it was all real.