It’s been a proper whirlwind since I started shooting the adventure series for Go2Africa: there were the easy rides on Harleys and mountain bikes, the graceful flight of paragliders off Lions Head, the hardcore aerial work of kite surfing at Langebaan and the total charm of an open ocean swim with seals… Last action shoot: a thorough challenge of my personal limits in a mountaineering segment and then the promo segment for our Congo adventure to wrap Part 1 of the adventure series…

There’s something bitter sweet about the last days of a shoot. I’m limping, battered and bruised from our adventures, and the crew has become a second family. We’ve shared all those heady, scream-worthy moments of filming outdoors on a tight budget and have adapted to a meal plan of Bar Ones and sandwiches. Back at the office, my editing work is piling up like a spoilt sport, I’ve got a feature script deadline looming large on 17th Feb and Part 2 of my little comedy series kicks off 6th Feb…

Before I take on too much reality, here’s a little taste of the good stuff from the shoot so far:

Kite Surf Shoot with DP Felix Seuffert
DP Felix in the zone at Langebaan.
KITE T and D planning
Watching the water and plotting shots with Terence.
KITE T and his bat wings
Terence and his kite.
KITE T and F set up
Felix and Terence lock down the technical prep.
One of our bikes at rest while we set up the next shot.
Terence reflects on the action with George from Skaris Touring… Cape Town delivers another stunning sunset.
Last shot of the day – biking into the sunset, as one does.
Paragliding 20
Parasailing in the can… Crew strut #likeaboss.
Paragliding 09
Locking down the technical brief in unforgiving light under a blast furnace sun.
Paragliding 16
Terence channeling pre-flight cool.
Paragliding 04
Plotting shots with the pilots – 2012 World Champ, Lino (left) and SAFFER pro, John (middle).
SEAL boat party
Heading off to snorkel with seals around the corner from Dungeons off Hout Bay.
SEAL Boat party 2
Pre-swim briefing with Skipper Steven of Animal Ocean.
SEAL T meets Betsy
Terence attracts a fan from the seal colony.
SEAL Fefe in action
Felix in action in the water.