What a great group of people to work with @HarleyDavidson and @SkarisTouring in Cape Town. The Dealer Principal at Harley let us play in his shop and workshop, interview his guys and rearrange his man cave of a workshop – his crew, Julian, Sean and Nick, stepped up and did their brand proud.

The weather was perfect for a shoot¬†and Cape Town delivered a spectacular sunset with light that just got better and better and better… we shot until dark, running from one gorgeous spot along Chapmans Peak to another. Terence was on top form – riding like a life-long hogster instead of the motocross nut he really is… and George Skaris pulled it all together on behalf of Skaris Touring’s epic Harley expeditions up #Route62.

Great day + awesome crew = beautiful footage for our first episode of @Go2Africa’s action adventure travel series… Next!

DP Felix briefing Terence and George.
Chapmans Peak in glorious light.
Harley shoot in the can just in time for sundowners!